‚Carol Davila’ University of Medicine and Farmacy, Bucharest

Facultaty of General Medicine

Research Project 

Project code: PN-II-ID-PCE-2012-4-0409                                                  

Contract No.:  28/ 30.08.2013

Title: Existing cerebral correlations between sexual and psychosomatic processes could stay at origin of two distinct bio-psycho-sexual profiles in humans







Psychosexual dualism is a relatively new theory developed in literature during the past decade. Starting from basic neurophysiological mechanisms, this new approach changed the paradigm related to neurological control of sexual responses, explain the role of cognitive and sexual neuromodulators and offer perspectives for the understanding of cerebral interferences between cognition and sexuality. Taking into account this psychosexual context, it is not surprising that studies have revealed numerous bilateral correlations among sexual and psychosomatic elements (between sexual orientation and sexual neuromodulators, between sexual orientation and hand preference, between sexual orientation and cognitive pattern, etc.). The project is aimed to verify if the existing numerous bilateral correlations (among sexual and psychosomatic elements) are interconnected as a whole, due to the fact that sexuality and cognition would correspond to interdependent neurophysiologic cerebral mechanisms. To address this, the project will study if the mentioned psychosomatic and sexual elements aggregate in two distinct bio-psycho-sexual profiles. If so, this project further proposes a direct applicability for this new (bio-psycho-sexual) entity, consisting in determination of a certain (unknown or undeterminable) variable through the other determinable elements which are associated.



            The first stage of this study stretches from September 02, 2013 to December 20, 2013, and has the following objectives: establishing team / technical tasks and study setting. The stages/ work includes: assigning responsibilities, administrative activities, documentation and organization.

The formation of the team was completed for this stage and the powers of each individual were clearly established. The procurement process / logistics related to this stage has been completed for some of the products and is being finalized for the others. The conditions of retention and use of reactives have been established.



September 2013:

-          establishing team

-          assigning responsibilities

-          documentation and organization

October 2013

-          administrative activities

-          continuing documentation and organization

-          specific activities of the logistics process

November 2013

-          administrative activities

-          documentation and organization

-          continuing specific activities of the logistics process

-          technical tasks and study setting

-          project preparation for implementation